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Profit Protection, LLC, also very familiarly known as the National Association for Bank Security, is a financial institution security and risk management educational and consulting firm that has served the industry for more than 25 years with its product

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Profit Protection, LLC, also very familiarly known as the National Association for Bank Security, is a financial institution security and risk management educational and consulting firm that has served the industry for more than 25 years with its products and services. Those services are offered in not only all areas of security governed by the mandates of the five financial institution regulators, but all facets of Bank Secrecy Act regulation requirements as well.


NABS/Profit Protection, LLC offers bankers security management and BSA Seminars on an annual basis both directly and through 34 state bankers associations. Our clients can also take advantage of a telephone consulting service at no extra charge; The Advisor, a case history-driven bank security newsletter; comprehensive textbooks, manuals, and shorter printed information of topical interest dealing with security BSA and risk management matters; and educational training videos in a wide variety of areas relative to bank security and BSA compliance functions. Combined with expertise in a broad spectrum of support departments, NABS/Profit Protection, LLC continues to provide the financial industry with top-quality, cost-effective broad-based services in the security and compliance fields, year-in, year-out.



NABS/Profit Protection, LLC specializes in conducting two types of seminars in conjunction with 34 state bankers associations each year - security and risk management and Bank Secrecy Act compliance. These seminars attract over three thousand financial institution professionals at approximately 60 locations around the country. They are for one or more full days and are conducted by instructors who have extensive experience in the security, risk management and Bank Secrecy Act compliance fields.


A comprehensive 200 to 300 page workbook is prepared and distributed to registrants of each seminar. While traditional security topics are always considered vital and therefore are routinely part of the curriculum, the staff ensures that important new topics are addressed in depth. Several such topics recently presented have been identity theft, suspicious activity reporting, workplace violence, and terrorism. Individualized custom designed training programs are available. NABS/Profit Protection, LLC also runs its own two-and-one-half day regional security seminars in Orlando and Dallas each year with at least five instructors conducting each seminar.



The Advisor is a monthly financial institution security and Bank Secrecy Act compliance newsletter that is generated from a review and analysis of thousands of crimes, losses and lawsuits each year. Some of the subject areas commonly covered include currency transaction reporting; preventing morning glory robberies; security related lawsuits; new Bank Secrecy Act regulations; suspicious activity reporting; robbery security procedures; new account, credit card, and check frauds; and bunko schemes. Cases are explained in complete detail, and helpful commentary is offered, as appropriate. An ideal training vehicle, the objective of The Advisor staff is to assist financial institution security, risk management and BSA compliance professionals in learning about criminal techniques with which they may very well be confronted, and to advise bankers on countermeasures that can be used to stop them.



The NABS/Profit Protection, LLC staff has been writing books and manuals on significant aspects of security management and the Bank Secrecy Act for over 25 years. Among the subjects of focus have been the security officer’s responsibilities and liabilities; Bank Secrecy Act and Suspicious Activity Report regulatory analyses; disaster recovery planning; safe deposit security; bank robbery security training; using the SSN to detect fraud attempts; check, credit card, new account, and loan fraud; the OFAC list and regulations; personal and family security; larcenies and distraction scams; and interviewing and interrogating. This broad, deep body of knowledge is updated regularly to correlate with new crime techniques, new developments in the security and regulatory fields and the ever-changing needs of bankers.



Often paralleling what is in text form, NABS/Profit Protection, LLC’s videotape collection also represents comprehensive coverage of the fields of security management and Bank Secrecy compliance. Generally in a 20 to 25-minute time frame -which is considered ideal for training -the video library addresses such subjects as safety during and after a robbery; the security responsibilities of management, as well as the security responsibilities of all bank employees; knowing your customer; introducing the Bank Secrecy Act to employees; guidance in the preparation of the CTR; suspicious activity reporting; and preventing frauds against the elderly, to describe only a portion of the library. Use of the tapes in the NABS/Profit Protection, LLC collection has proven over the years to be a very popular and effective method among financial institutions to meet their training requirements.



Our products and services are based on extensive review of case histories of financial institution crimes and provide an awareness of current crime trends and techniques, along with practical solutions to everyday security problems. NABS/Profit Protection, LLC monitors FBI financial institution crime statistics and reports them in The Advisor and utilizes them in our seminars, manuals and videos.



The most valuable asset of NABS/Profit Protection, LLC is its people. For its consulting, instructional and writing functions, the staff draws from many years of combined experience in law enforcement (FBI, US Secret Service, major metropolitan detective bureaus); bank security; prior military security service; and bank security consulting. Combined with expertise in a wide variety of support departments, Profit Protection, LLC continues to provide the financial industry with top quality, broad-based products and services. Among those serving in either active or advisory capacities are:


  • Phillips G. Gay, Jr., CRCM, CRP – President, NABS/Profit Protection, LLC and Principal Compliance Advisory Service Coral Springs, Florida
  • Al Hazen - Past President, NABS/Profit Protection, LLC
  • J. Branch Walton - Past President, NABS/Profit Protection, LLC
  • Marcus H. Ford - President Emeritus NABS/Profit Protection, LLC
  • R. Eugene (Gene) Seitz - Retired Review Examiner, FDIC Special Activities
  • Thomas R. Duxbury, MA – Editor, NABS/Profit Protection, LLC
  • Timothy E. Doherty - Director of Marketing and Communications, NABS/Profit Protection, LLC
  • Maureen Holteen -
  • Jay M. Friedland, Esq. - President and CEO, M&M Consulting, Inc. Brunswick, Maine
  • Fred A. Gwin, CPP - Principal Protection of Assets Consultants Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Boris F. Melnikoff, CPP - Bank Security Consultant Atlanta, Georgia
  • Bill W. Thompson, CPP - Principal Thompson Training Dayton, Ohio