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This is the official web site of Profit Protection, LLC dba National Association for Bank Security. It is the only location on the Internet where you can review and purchase our BSA (Bank Secrecy Act), AML (anti money laundering), and security risk management products. If you work for a bank, thrift, credit union, or another type of financial or banking institution, our products and seminars can help you prevent losses and comply with the Bank Protection Act, the USA Patriot Act, the Bank Secrecy Act, and regulations issued by FINCEN, FDIC, OCC, FED, OTS, NCUA, OFAC and other regulatory and law enforcement agencies.

We can help you understand and manage high risk physical and financial security topics including robbery (morning glory robberies, robberies with guns and hostages, and other holdups), kidnapping and extortion, bomb threats, burglary, embezzlement, fraud (including Internet-based frauds such as phishing, pharming, and Nigerian 419 scams), kiting, credit card and cashiers check fraud, identity theft, and other criminal threats.

BSA officers will find product and seminar offerings to help you manage compliance risks. These risks include money laundering, AML policies and procedures, the USA Patriot Act, SAR (suspicious activity report) submission, CTR filing (currency transaction reports submitted on FINCEN form 104 and IRS form 4789), CMIR and FBAR filing, CIP (customer identification procedures), Phase I and Phase II exemptions (form TD F 90-22.47), required recordkeeping for wire transfers and issuance of official checks for cash.

Profit Protection, LLC dba National Association for Bank Security offers you an extensive range of manuals, training videos, and brochures designed to support your compliance program and help you prevent losses. Seminars on BSA and bank security are offered in cooperation with State Bankers Associations throughout the country.