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Customized Bank Secrecy Act/AML and OFAC Training

Examiners are expecting more from your training program and you should too!

We can help! We can help a lot!

M&M University training includes your institutionís policies, procedures, and processes as well as regulatory requirements all geared to specific job levels. This training is designed to ensure all employees understand their BSA, CIP, and OFAC responsibilities. Experience the best! Make M&M University the place where your employees receive customized training at an affordable price.

· Are all employees receiving the right level of training?
· Can you document and track training for each employee?
· Can employees take ownership for their level of knowledge?
· Does your training program allow employees to participate when it is convenient for them?
· Is your training material up-to-date?
· Does your training material address BSA, AML, CIP and OFAC?
· Can employees use your training material as reference material?
· Does your program that make it easy to ensure that all employees receive the appropriate BSA training?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, contact us today. We can help! We can help a lot!