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New BSA - E-Filing Manuals

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CTR E-Filing

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SAR E-Filing

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DOEP E-Filing

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Facts You Should Know
Currency Reports and Cash Purchases of Negotiable Instruments

2014 BSA

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fyskMany customers do not know that financial institutions must file CTRs for cash transactions in excess of $10,000 and are required to maintain records for the cash purchase of certain negotiable instruments in the range of $3,000 to $10,000. Facts You Should Know, used by thousands of financial institutions since 1985 and recently updated to reflect current changes in the regulation, is a 3 3/4" x 8 1/2" foldout brochure which summarizes these and related requirements. Their primary purpose is to minimize the potential liability that may result from employees innocently making statements that could be construed as "assisting" customers in structuring transactions. Place these brochures at your customer service counters or have them readily available for your tellers to give customers when CTR questions arise, or distribute them as a statement stuffer.

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Robbery Assignment Kit

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By having this kit available your employees can:

  • Assemble all vital information quickly
  • Aid law enforcement in identifying the robbers
  • Help gather evidence that may be used in court

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Social Security Number Verification Manual

Stop identity thieves dead in their tracks by taking away their most-commonly-used tool – the Social Security number. The 26th Annual Edition of the NABS/Profit Protection, LLC Social Security Number Verification Manual helps you and your new account staff identify potential identity thieves before they can get a toehold in your institution. The manual shows how to use a person’s Social Security number to help determine if they are using fraudulent identification to apply for an account. It also helps document your institution's compliance with the law — both BSA and FACTA require obtaining and verifying your customer's tax ID numbers.

If your institution stops only one new account fraud next year by using the Social Security Number Verification 2011 Edition manual, it will have paid for itself many times over.

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Subscribe to THE ADVISOR the longest continuously-running publication dedicated to serving financial institution security and risk-management professionals has a special offer for you!

THE ADVISOR is a unique monthly advisory service for financial institution security, compliance, BSA/AML and risk management officers. Now in an interactive electronic newsletter format, THE ADVISOR provides practical solutions to everyday problems in these
areas. Based on numerous case studies of recent financial criminal incidents and crime trends, as well as details from specific security-related lawsuits and regulatory changes,THE ADVISOR provides up-to-date reports on techniques used by criminals and methods financial institutions can use to detect, deter and prevent them. Among the criminal activities covered byTHE ADVISOR are: robberies; loan frauds; check frauds; burglaries; money laundering; embezzlements; kidnap/extortions; Bank Secrecy Act violations; and security-related lawsuits. Click here to preview a sample copy of the electronic Advisor.

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